What are the Career Pathways for a Diploma of Screen and Media Specialist Course?

Realising your career dream as an outstanding makeup artist is off to a good start when you decide to get a Diploma of Screen and Media Specialist Course. Specialist makeup, prosthetics, and wigs are the hands-on and practical core subjects of the Diploma of Screen and Media Specialist Course.

Hands-on experience and real-world opportunities working in the theatre, on film sets, and in TV studios are provided by the course. If you’re thinking of a beauty career pathway, the Diploma of Screen and Media Specialist Course will provide that and more!

Many career paths to choose from become available when you graduate from a Diploma of Screen and Media Specialist Course. Some of the career pathways to choose from include:


Prosthetics Artist

Being able to transform the appearance of various actors makes prosthetics artists essential team members of theatre, film, and TV productions. Some of the work prosthetic artists do include:

  • Adding makeup to create the look of physical characteristics such as tattoos, mutations, scars, and deformities.
  • Alter the appearances of various actors using materials such as rubber, makeup, and latex.
  • Design and create prosthetics and moulds to transform the look of actors

Being a prosthetics artist provides multiple benefits, including:

  • Being able to create a variety of interesting special effects, from bruises to zombies and monsters.
  • Get an opportunity to work with famous film, TV, and theatre celebrities
  • Get a chance to work as a freelance artist, allowing you the freedom to travel to any location for projects.


Makeup Artist

One of the most incredibly versatile career paths for a graduate of the Diploma of Screen and Media Specialist Course is becoming a professional makeup artist. Making a mark in almost any field of the beauty industry is achieved with the training and skills learned from the course.

The opportunities are endless when it comes to choosing a career as a makeup artist. Building your own brand is highly improbable when you’ve gained experience as a makeup artist in theatre, editorial, fashion, special effects, and film and TV.


Runway/Editorial Makeup Artist

Fashion shoots, music videos, magazine spreads, and advertisements are just some of the visual media industries needing the skills of a runway/editorial makeup artist. The boldly artistic makeup used by visual media makes them very different from everyday makeup.

Becoming a runway/editorial makeup artist means experimenting with textures and colours and using all your creative skills to come up with avant-garde looks that transcend the standards of traditional beauty.


Wig Styling

Many career paths are available for anyone choosing a career as a wig stylist. Some include:

  • Film hairstylist
  • Freelance hairstylist
  • Platform hairstylist
  • Salon hairstylist
  • Educator


Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist

One of the most rewarding jobs for any professional makeup artist is making a career as a bridal hair and makeup artist. Weddings have become highly popular after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Couples who have put off their nuptials during the pandemic now want to get married in great style. However, the wedding boom is not only a one-time fluke as wedding services are always in high demand.

Graduating from a Diploma of Screen and Media Specialist Course equips you to handle all the demands of hair and makeup services for both bride and entourage.



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