July 2016

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Winter has arrived in New Zealand - another good reason to be spending time indoors on my Revbox Erg!  

Tonight I start my first indoor coaching training session that I run for my clients and members of the public.  We’ll be making our way through a ‘microburst’ workout - loads of sprints, which (depending on individual’s gear selection) will target neuro-muscular speed or strength; as well as anaerobic power along with aerobic power.  This is a 65 minute workout made all the more harder by the low ertia of the Revbox as the recovery intervals between sprints (as short as 5 seconds), will not carry any momentum.

Indoor training sessions for winterIndoor panoramic.jpg

In my last blog I wrote about my training for the New Zealand age group nationals, using the Revbox.  Despite a chronic gastro-intestinal irritation (from a anti-fungal drug I was prescribed), I performed really well placing first and above what I did at the Elite nationals in January in terms of power and cadence being significantly higher.  This was due in part to improved fitness (higher power) and the particular training I used in my build up (higher cadence).

Club nats TT.jpgCoach Paul on his way to an Age Group New Zealand National Time Trial win

I used the traditional periodisation approach of building an aerobic base initially.  I built this base on the premise that it would provide me sufficient capacity to firstly push super hard when doing my key high intensity interval training (HIIT), and secondly recover from these sessions.  The V02max stress became higher in these key sessions the closer to the event, elicited in part through a high rpm.  This made my cadence (rightly or wrongly), a lot higher the day of the time trial.

I use both a SRM and Quarq power meters on my time trial and road bikes, respectively.  However, I’m looking forward to getting my first taste of using the Revbox Erg Power Sensor kit and proprietary app tonight.  At first glance it looks great as an alternative to ‘chasing the numbers’ on my Garmin computers.  The app is free but works solely with the Revbox Erg Power sensors (one on the machine itself to measure power, one on your bike to measure cadence and one on you to measure heart rate).

It will certainly get a lot of use as we enter the depths of winter - I will be taking two weekly indoor sessions.  With a significant reduction in volume of training I will step into workouts that are at a higher intensity.  There is merit, at whatever age a cyclist is, in providing new training stimulus/stress and I meet a lot of cyclists who fall into this category as they just love to do the miles at the expense of HIIT.


Heart rate & cadence graph examples of an indoor Revbox Erg training session

While building an aerobic base (mileage) is all so important (as I mentioned what I did myself earlier this year), there’s something to be said about mixing your training up to not only improve interests levels but also your performance through HIIT. This is key for those diesel engines, and remember - races are more often than not won in the last 50 metres.   The Revbox Erg is the perfect place to do this type of training!

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